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We are amid the top notch Education consultants for Ghana and China Universities that take utmost care of providing you with admission into the best universities as per your need and preferences. Our main goal is to serve the potential students, who desires to study in China or study in Ghana universities by assisting them in finding and processing their admission into highly reputable and accredited institutions that assures a rewarding education experience. Being absolutely concerned about the success of our clients, we inform our prospective students on the best China and Ghana universities to choose for all courses, thereby leading them into a worthwhile study experience. Over 10 years plus, we have established good relationships with about 175 prestigious universities in China and Ghana with over 20,000 programs where our students from all over the world can apply to. This is the best platform to apply for China admission, China Scholarships and study in Ghana universities.

Our group of experienced staff is committed to supporting the students who want to pursue their University level education.

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Author Picture
Emmanuel Brown Nigeria

I highly recommend WAECL to anyone because they are just exceptional. I was very skeptical initially like anyone would be but after I contacted them and spoke with them, they immediately verified my eligibility over the phone and further directed me to complete my application. I couldn't believe I could be offered admission within a week.But I was called and my letter was delivered to my house by DHL. It was like a dream. There was no hassle and tussle at all, the process is so stress free. God bless WAECL. You are so professional.

Author Picture
Lukman Ayomide Nigeria

When I came across this organization, I did not trust them initially, them my parents were out of the country, so I called them and told them that I was tired of staying at home and hoping to get into a Nigerian University, having told them of my intentions to study in Ghana and also informed them of West African Educational Consult they declined, but I went ahead to apply with my pocket money. Just after few weeks they contacted me and sent my admission letter to me. I was astonished and very happy at the news. I immediately hurried to my mum's office and showed my admission letter to her and she was surprised I went ahead to make the decision while they were away,and was also glad at my bravery. Now, WAECL has made my dream come true.

Author Picture
Suleiman Salisu Nigeria

I will say everything is possible with WAECL. Sometimes we think doing things our own way is cheaper but not at all. This guys knows all the truth and tricks about Universities in Ghana. I had my list of possible universities that I wanted to apply to, but I realized they were expensive for my parents. Then my brother's friend advised me to go through an educational consultant, I then tried WAECL, and this guys assisted me with the best Choice of university ever with low tuition fees. Infact, some of these university websites pose to have everything for students but it's not true. I spent less in securing my admission and still getting a quality education with very low tuition fees. Thank you so much WAECL.

Author Picture
Alowode Ajoke Nigeria

My hope was restored through WAECL, It was like a dream but now I see it's real. After years of seeking admission into various universities, I was having a little chat with a stranger after a movie. We talked about alot of issues, mostly about the future, then he asked me about my educational background, I told him I have lost hope in going to a university to study my dream course; he then said that his sister got admission through WACEL an educational consultant based in Ghana, after 2 years of searching for admission, that I should call or email them about my issue and they will find a way out for me. I quickly contacted them and the process was so easy and free of stress. This January I am now schooling in Ghana and doing my dream course (pharmacy). Thanks to WAECL for restoring my hope and dream.

Author Picture
Olasehinde Samuel Nigeria

WAECL, you are a blessing to me. Thank you for helping with my admission to study in Ghana. May God bless you and all your staff. You are so so reliable and I'll choose you a thousand times again. God will make you bigger to keep helping more students all over the world. Bye

Author Picture
Essien-Samuel Uwana Nigeria

I’d like to thank West African Educational Consult Ltd for what service they have provided to me. They helped me a lot in arranging my application to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. It included my university application, pick up from the airport, accommodation, and stuff. All WAECL's facilitation were pretty excellent in terms of making sure everything was in time. Based on what I experienced, I reckoned that they could process all the things in sort of limit of time. The gap between when I got my IGCSE result and the intake of my course can be said was quite short. In the end, they covered what all I needed perfectly. I’d love to give credits to WAECL in assisting me to go through all processes until I’m studying in Kumasi, Ghana right now.
Studying Medicine and Surgery at KNUST (2014)

Author Picture
OLULU Bryan Nigeria

Upon completion of my secondary School in 2004, I have been trying tirelessly to gain admission into the university for 5years but all to no avail until I came in contact with a friend at the bank where I went to purchase another Jamb form and she inform me about West African Educational Consult Ltd. I contacted them and like a dream they processed my admission and provided me with all the support needed to resume in my school. I never knew gaining admission into the university can be so free of stress.They are so friendly and treated me as if I was a VIP. As an education organization, WAECL had offered valuable assistance from detailed consultation to sending application. As a consequence of great effort from WAECL, I am currently studying at Zenith University Ghana. Hence, i would like to express my deepest gratitude to WAECL for having assisted my application. Many Thanks as ever. Studying B.Sc Medical Laboratory Science. (2010)

Author Picture
Esther Ogbeche

"WAECL is the perfect education agency for education planning to Ghana. WAECL delivers valuable information not just about tertiary education, but also other overseas students' issue such as accommodation, student welfare, and lifestyle in Ghana. WAECL's education counselors understand every student's wants and needs about their study plan. They recommend the best, most suitable University and education pathways for students. I trusted WAECL for helping me in every process in University application and I did not need to worry about lateness of delivering my application and receiving news. Thank's to WAECL, I was able to get through the right education pathway and I am now loving my course in one of the best University in Ghana."
Studying Journalism and Mass communication. (2013)

Author Picture
Emmanuel Nyong Nigeria

I am the happiest person on this planet, and I am so grateful to WAECL for your inestimable support and guidance throughout my admission processes to study in Ghana. After trying to gain admission for 4years WAECL has finally helped me realize my dreams.

Studying B.Sc Pharmacy at Uni. Ghana. (2012).

Author Picture
bada Damilola Nigeria

My experience of studying in Ghana has been really amazing! I have met a lot of people and made a lot of friends with people from very diverse background. Further more, opportunities to better yourself are abound in this country. Many of the lecturers and the people at ANU are really industrious people. This has been a great motivation for me and has allowed me to mature as a person. Being in a developing country has also exposed me to great advancement of technology and culture that has continually inspired me from my first day in Ghana.
I really thank WAECL for their generous help in my application to ANU. The staffs of WAECL are really friendly and efficient in their work. They helped me whole-heartedly with almost everything -- Enrollment, even tickets! More importantly, they also provided me with useful information on what to expect in Ghana and addressed a lot of my anxiety and nervousness before my departure.
In essence, I strongly recommend anyone at all to study in Ghana. And if you do so, the only agent you should put your trust onto is WAECL. 🙂 Studying B.Sc Business Administration (2011)

Author Picture
Irabor Catherine Nigeria

Hi guys, I am Catherine, one of the engineering student at All Nations University, Ghana. Well, I would like to share my opinion about WAECL!

To be honest, as this department standing for opening everyone's future to study abroad, this is truly one of the best services that allow and support many students to get their goal successfully in studying abroad.

I was one of the student that was helped to study in Ghana. At the time, a bit of my experience, I worried that I could not continue my tertiary to the higher level, I thought that it was impossible to get an education abroad, but the fact was not as I thought about. How could I afford to study in Ghana until this time, that is because of God through WAECL. The people working in managing WAECL are very professional and full of responsibility. The management is the best management that I have ever got

Thank you very much WAECL for helping me to get my tertiary level of my education, now I believe that WAECL OPENED MY WORLD.
My best regards,

Author Picture
Essien-Samuel Aniekan Nigeria

This is the best educational consultants to work with. I lost hope after trying serveral times to gain admission into the University of Ghana, a while after, I stumbled on a publication online by a student organization in Ghana, I read about this organization (WAECL) and decided to contact them and I am really glad I did. Just like magic they processed my admission and actually assisted me through arriving to my school. Oh my god, who does that. The treatment was so cool. And all I've just been doing is being grateful to god and WAECL.