About Us

West African Educational Consult Limited is a One-Stop Center for all things. We offer professional education services such as securing admission into Universities, recruitment and placement of students, general education profile and lots more.

We are committed to providing International students with admission into reputable and affordable universities in China and Ghana by providing you with information on these prestigious institutions, their courses, tuition fees, application procedures, study opportunities, Bi-lateral exchange programs & scholarship programs.

We aim to reduce the stress and cost of transiting from your home country to living and schooling in China or Ghana. With our experienced and seasoned admissions team we guarantee that our admitted students make the best choice of universities and course by providing quality guidance & counselling / student support programs such as internship programs, student loan policies e.t.c.

Presently, West African Educational Consult Limited is represents 130 universities, university colleges and colleges in China or Ghana. These institutions represented are established and  highly reputable institutions. At West African Educational Consult Limited you are guaranteed 100% admission to your preferred program.

We are a group of extensively experienced educational experts who are out on a mission to revolutionize the education in Africa and its surrounding nations. With our long term tie-ups and goodwill with some of the most prestigious institutes in China and Ghana, we have been providing the best educational assistance to students who are up for studying in this diverse region.

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The key to success has to be education. Education helps in opening multiple doors, thereby helping to improve the scope of one’s career. And when it is about specialized and focussed education, it becomes primarily important to seek an expert help, which can be none but us.

Understanding about university education and its primary facets makes it compulsory to seek an

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Scholarships into different programs in China is in progress, we urge you to start applying before the application deadlines.

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Your Future Our Priority

For our entire team, the major priority is to provide each student with more efficient and useful steps, in order to experience nothing but sheer success. We also aim to make the entire educational scenario in China and Ghana a more comfortable zone for each and every student. At the same time, knowing about each and every school and their essential features, we provide crisp educational services to everyone who needs it. However, it’s not that we don’t put the specializations of the students as a priority. After all, we are here only for the students. Understanding the caliber of each student or our client, we ensure to offer nothing but focussed and specialized solutions. After all, our primary aim is to provide more success and, more importantly, smiling stories.

Every organization has been governed by some of the core values and traditions. We aim to provide best services in the world for securing the future of the students. Our core values are to shape up the future of the students in a better way, we give wings to the dreams of the students.

  • To provide the highest quality service to every person who applies to our programs.
  • To do everything we can to connect each applicant with the school that will best serve their educational needs.
  • To provide financial aid options for those who cannot afford tuition on their own.
  • To provide reliable advice that will help the applicant to choose the correct school and program.
  • To help each client to complete the application process and provide the documentation required for admissions.
  • To use our contacts and knowledge of the educational system to improve each applicant chances for scholastic success.

For the growth of any organization, there are pillars that hold the foundation of the organization. The pillars that build the foundation of our organization strong are the staff working for us. Our staff is made up of seasoned professionals who have been part of the educational system at the University level for years. We have the experience and the contacts to help you with any problems you might encounter during the application process.

We have inside knowledge of how each school works, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and qualifications. The knowledge we can use to match you up with your perfect school. We have the commitment to excellence and service that sets us apart from other organizations, and a track record that speaks for itself. The working of the organization is solely dependent on the hard working staff, who work all day long for achieving success and helping the students in every possible way.

By using our simple online application portal shows that you are determined to take your university application to the next level, below you will find links to the university degrees which we can help you apply, by clicking on the link of any degree you wish to apply, it will take you to it’s page where you will find detailed information to guide you through your application with us