Universities of Ghana Courses, Fees,and Requirements

The University of Ghana regarded as the largest public and premier university of Ghana is an educational institution that was founded on August 11, 1948. It was initially named the University College of the Gold Coast and was created for the purpose of providing and promoting education for all at the university level as well…

Study in Ghana and China Universities

Is it a good idea to study in Ghana?

When it comes to choosing a country to study in, Ghana is a fantastic choice to make. Asides from the diverse and rich cultural attractions as well as its interesting sights and sounds, it has an enhanced educational system that is steadily growing compared to some of its neighbours in West Africa and beyond. Here…

7 cheap universities in Ghana

7 Cheap Private Universities in Ghana

Ghana is a country that has some of the best universities in West Africa. In addition to the public universities founded and funded by the government, there are also private universities that are quite affordable. However for anyone on a budget looking for quality and affordable private universities, here is a list of 7 cheap…


Study in Ghana: Top 7 tips for Nigerians

Studying in Ghana is an opportunity that is available to any Nigerian interested in getting a chance to study abroad without the overwhelming financial handicap common with most schools in other parts of the world where students rack up debts in loans and pay back almost all their lives.


Best Study Abroad Consultant in Ghana/Nigeria

Getting placement in an international educational institution is not as straightforward as many people think. Even though the processes for application and admission are highlighted on the websites of most schools abroad, selecting the right school and course of study still requires some effort and commitment from most applicants.