How to study for a graduate program in China

China is a very diverse country, with an impressive culture and is currently one of the global financial leaders. Studying for a graduate program is a great opportunity to be a part of all the great and innovative things happening in China. Many of the universities in China have tremendous ratings internationally and those universities…


China Education System Overview

Compared to other countries in the world, China’s educational system in terms of population size is regarded as one of the world’s largest. As such the government of China administers to a very large extent the quality and curricula of these schools from primary to secondary and even university. Figure 1: Educational System in China…


How to Study and Work in China

China is an interesting country filled with varied opportunities that are available to everyone.However, due to the general state of the world economy, China has an increasing cost of living and for this reason, international students without any form of financial aid in China will need to work to earn a living so that they…


10 Best cities to study abroad in China

China is such a huge country in terms of its land mass and population. As such it has about 100 cities, each with an estimated population size of about 1 million. That is a remarkable fact as well as its uniquegeographical and cultural characteristics. There are several cities in China that are ideal for anyone…


How to Get Free Scholarship to Study in China

Studying in China can be an arduous process that requires a lot of financial commitment. The best way to circumvent it is to qualify for a scholarship in China University as a student.Getting a free scholarship particularly completely grants a student the freedom to focus on the main objective of doing exceptionally well in school.…


How to Study in China

It’s 2018 and times have changed. You may have thought about studying abroad in a country like China but you don’t know how. While some people may not dig going to college