Using this service is very fast, secure and convenient for everyone. WAECL consultants will help you to choose the best programs, and will also assist you to prepare and submit the required documents.

Course admission and registration could be a difficult and time consuming process for international students, but with our professional admission team, we are totally committed to help you realize your dream of studying in China or Ghana. We will help you save time and energy by providing you with our professional assistance, and advice you all the way through until you are ready to join the course. This service is very convenient.

After you’ve submitted your application, the university will process your application between 2-4 weeks. Once the university has made a decision, WAECL will notify you by email. You can also track your application status by logging into your WAECL account.

Completing your application to study in China or Ghana is a very simple process here. You are required to fill 4 section of the application form as listed below.

  • Complete the online application form
  • Upload the required application materials
  • Pay the Application fee which is directly charged by the university.
  • Submit application

You are a step closer to your rewarding University degree from here.