In a bid to further encourage continuous education for all desiring students, we keep providing several means to assist everyone to achieve their educational goals with less time and money. So, to serve the potentials of the students, there is a group of courses that you as a student can apply for without having to pay our usual application fee for Ghana Universities, provided you meet our basic admission requirements for the program of study.

Free Application courses:

B.Sc in Accounting

B.Sc in Human Resource Management

B.Sc in Marketing

B.Sc in Banking And Finance

B.Sc in Economics

B.Sc in Business Administration

B.Sc in Management Science

B.A Accounting

B.A Economics

B.A Banking and Finance

B.A Human Resource Management

B.A Management

B.A Marketing

BA Geography and Rural Development

B.Sc Mass Communication

B.Sc English Language

B.Sc Fashion Design

B.Sc Oil and gas Engineering

B.Sc Civil Engineering

B.Eng Computer Engineering

BSc Architecture

BSc Computer Science

B.Sc Physician Assistantship

If you are interested in this option, you must provide at least 5 of the documents listed below which are subject to our verification:


  • Official pay slip or payroll record of parents/guardians/sponsor or the applicant.
  • Past school receipts of applicants or that of siblings
  • Tax return receipts of sponsor– IRS, VAT, etc.
  • Birth Certificates (of siblings).
  • Death Certificate or Burial permit (in case of death of a parent).
  • Pension letter for retired parents/guardians/sponsor.
  • Bank Statements of parents/guardians/sponsor
  • Reference letter from a person of high repute in the society. For example, A Political office holder, CEO of any organization not less than 20 years in existence, Clergy of a religious body and recognized by the government, Civil servant with more than 10 years in active service, A Professional, i.e A Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer etc, who is at least 10 years active in service. This document must be verifiable, stamped and sealed by the reference.
  • All relevant documents that show records of academic achievements, student’s evaluations, academic rewards and honors, assessment results, recommendation letters and reviews by teachers.
  • Any or all supporting documents for speeding up the process.

While choosing this option, simply scan and send your document with other basic application requirements, excluding the proof of application fee payment to


Please notice that the application fee for these courses must be paid when an applicant cannot provide the above requirement or have provided the document which did not pass our verification standards.