Our Sponsorship Program

Not every individual gaining access to university education has the means to afford it which are why we want to offer some of the best sponsorship options to our citizens. Any student with a commendable academic record can avail our sponsorship programs in which they can get up to 50% rebate on their university fees.

With our sponsorship programs, you can realize your dream of having quality education at a cost that would not pose any hindrance to you. For those with commitment, dedication, and the will to study, enrollment into our sponsorship program is a golden opportunity to get the best possible financial assistance to secure your future. These sponsorship programs are exclusively offered by some of the most renowned and sought after

* Government programs
* Religious Organizations
* Educational Funs
* Charitable Organizations
* Commercial organizations
* Non-Government Organization not for Profits (NGOs)

Sponsorship Requirements

Enrollment into our sponsorship program requires a few requirements to be met.

These requirements are as follows:

1. The student must, in the past have been admitted to a participating university or he must be a part of the WAECLPay affiliate program.

2. The student must be ranked as a first class student by the end of the first academic year.

3. The student should not have in the past been in any violation of the student or academic code.

4. He in the present should be complying with the University Code of Conduct.

5. The student must not have been issued any academic sanction, disciplinary action or limitation or suspension.

Combined with our affiliate program and other options, you can make sure that you yourself cover the cost of your education and shape your future for the best.

University education requires sound educational funding which unfortunately has not been possible for most of the capable and deserving students. We consider this our responsibility to help such students and guide them to the best of our abilities. We are the guides who can show you the goal, the destination and the way and all you need to do is follow the path with dedication and commitment.