Introducing WAECLpay Affiliate Program

Want to earn money while studying to fund for your books and travel expenses? Then, you can take part in our affiliate program. Our WAECLpay program is intended to help the students and the other people to earn money by referring the qualified aspirants. The main objective of this program is to provide the best education for the students who are below the poverty line and who could not afford for their studies. As part of this program, the students who give the leads of the aspirants who are willing to attend the University of China and Ghana gets a petty commission.

A referral would get $50 on each aspirant who clears the interview and gets aseat in the University. This program is win-win for both non-students and students who want to pursue University education.

Steps to get applicants for WAECLpay Affiliate Program

Are you a university student or a student who is trying to get a seat in the University? Then take part in WAECLpay Program. If you are a university student and refer your friends who are planning to pursue their education in the university, then you get the commission after your referred friends get a seat in the University College. Ideally, we see many people who are struggling to get into the University and fulfill their career aspirations, but many do not the right way to approach. However, this referral program helps them to pursue their desired course in the best college that is affiliated with the University of China or Ghana with ease.

By cheering your friends or acquaintances to apply for this program, will help them get the same assistance and helping hand that you got prior and at the same time you get some money for referring them.

Apart from the university students, the other people who can get the applicants include co-workers, friends, relatives, etc. This is the best way to earn money and pay your tuition fee without relying on your parents or guardian.

The main agenda of this program is to find poor, and talented aspirants and help them get the educational assistance and financial support for their education while helping you monetarily for bringing candidates. However, all you need to do is to give our website address with your referral details, and the rest is handled by our prowess team. You need to show the candidates who are willing to study in our locality.